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Businesses today are eliminating network administrators.  Cyber services such as anti-virus, email filtering, firewall protection, and other related services are administered by management or are contracted as an outside service.

CyberHub is a managed services platform that frees up time spent by management for their company’s cyber security needs.

Computer Endpoint Agent

Managed Service Reports
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
Infected Removal Tool
Email Protection
Firewall Protection
Intrusion Detection System
Host Intrusion Prevention
Advanced Active Protection
Low CPU/Memory Usage

Cloud Email Protection

Managed Service Reports
Cloud Based Email Filtering
Scans Prior to Email Server
Office 365 Capable
Exchange Server Capable
No Hardware/Software
Anti-Spam Filtering
Email Archive/Restore
90 Day Message Retention
Sandboxing Examination
Encryption Capabilities

Cloud Storage Services

Managed Service Reports
Software Agent Controlled
Full Backup/Restore
SQL & Exchange Backups
Disk Image Backup
Automatic Scheduling
256-bit AES encryption
Tiered Storage Pricing

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