Alarm Hub

Design Communications introduces the HUB-01. The HUB-01 utilizes our Alarm-Hub network and brings you an easy to install, low cost, cellular capture device. This cellular module is a dual band GPRS unit that utilizes either AT&T or Verizon networks and is 5G ready.


The HUB-01 is compatible with any security alarm panel that is capable of sending Contact ID and SIA formats. Interactive services can be added by simply configuring the alarm panel with a keyswitch input and an arming status output. Your customers can receive push notifications of open/close, alarms, and troubles.  You can edit labels in the app to display zone descriptions or open/close user names.

The HUB-01 is the size of a flattened golf ball making it simple to install within the control panel.

The HUB-01 interactive app displays our standard logo or can be designed to display your company’s logo and contact information. The HUB-01 is designed to work with our Alarm-Hub network only, allowing you security from takeovers.

Contact Ron Grimm for additional information or for ordering.